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264 MOLECULES Characterization of Metabolic Changes under Low Mineral Supply (N, K, or Mg) and Supplemental LED Lighting (Red, Blue, or Red-Blue Combination) in Perilla frutescens Using a Metabolomics Approach Dong Ho Suh 1,y, Yangmin X. Kim 2,y, Eun Sung Jung 3, Seulbi Lee 2, Jinyong Park 1, Choong Hwan Lee 1,4,* and Jwakyung Sung 5,* 2020.10
263 Nutrients GC-TOF-MS-Based Metabolomic Analysis and Evaluation of the Effects of HX106 a Nutraceutical on ADHD-Like Symptoms in Prenatal Alcohol Exposed Mice In Gyoung Ju 1,†, Mee Youn Lee 2,†, Seung Ho Jeon 3,†, Eugene Huh 1,4, Jin Hee Kim 1, Jong Kil Lee 3,5,*, Choong Hwan Lee 2,* and Myung Sook Oh 1,6,* 2020.10
262 International Journal of Molecular Science Physiologic and Metabolic Changes in Crepidiastrum denticulatum According to Dierent Energy Levels of UV-B Radiation Song-Yi Park 1,2, Mee-Youn Lee 3, Choong-Hwan Lee 3 and Myung-Min Oh 1,2,* 2020.09
261 Frontiers in Plant Science Effects of Nutrient and Water Supply During Fruit Development on Metabolite Composition in Tomato Fruits (Solanum lycopersicum L.) Grown in Magnesium Excess Soils Yangmin X. Kim1†, Min Cheol Kwon2†, Seulbi Lee1, Eun Sung Jung3,Choong Hwan Lee2,3,4* and Jwakyung Sung5* 2020.09
260 LWT-FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Inclusion complexation of catechins-rich green tea extract by β-cyclodextrin: Preparation, physicochemical, thermal, and antioxidant properties Reddy, CK (Reddy, Chagam Koteswara)[ 1 ] ; Jung, ES (Jung, Eun Sung)[ 2 ] ; Son, SY (Son, Su Young)[ 1 ] ; Lee, CH (Lee, Choong Hwan)[ 1,2,3 ] 2020.09
259 NATURE CHEMICAL BIOLOGY PGE1 and PGA1 bind to Nurr1 and activate its transcriptional function Sreekanth Rajan1,15, Yongwoo Jang 2,3,15, Chun-Hyung Kim2,4,15, Woori Kim2,15, Hui Ting Toh1,5, Jeha Jeon2, Bin Song2, Aida Serra1, Julien Lescar1,6, Jun Yeob Yoo1, Serap Beldar1, Hong Ye1, Congbao Kang7, Xue-Wei Liu8, Melissa Feitosa2, Yeahan Kim2, Dabin Hwang2, Geraldine Goh9, Kah-Leong Lim9,10, Hye Min Park11, Choong Hwan Lee11, Sungwhan F. Oh 12, Gregory A. Petsko 13, Ho Sup Yoon 1,6 ? and Kwang-Soo Kim 2,14 ? 2020.08
258 PLOS ONE Metabolomic response of Perilla frutescens leaves, an edible-medicinal herb, to acclimatize magnesium oversupply Ha In Mun1, Yangmin X. Kim2, Dong Ho Suh1, Seulbi Lee2, Digar Singh1, Eun Sung Jung3, Choong Hwan LeeID1,3,4*, Jwakyung Sung5* 2020.07
257 ANTIBIOTICS-BASEL Controlled Fermentation Using Autochthonous Lactobacillus plantarum Improves Antimicrobial Potentioal of Chinese Chives against Poultry Pathogens Damini Kothari 1,y, Woo-Do Lee 1,y, Eun Sung Jung 2,y, Kai-Min Niu 3, Choong Hwan Lee 2,* and Soo-Ki Kim 1,* 2020.07
256 Scientific Reports Critical thresholds of 1-Octen-3-ol shape inter-species Aspergillus interactions modulating the growth and secondary metabolism Digar Singh, Su Young Son & Choong Hwan Lee 2020.07
255 Journal of Ginseng Research Unraveling dynamic metabolomes underlying different maturation stages of berries harvested from Panax ginseng Mee Youn Lee 1, Han Sol Seo 1, Digar Singh 1, Sang Jun Lee 2, Choong Hwan Lee 1,* 2020.05
254 HORTICULTURE ENVIRONMENT AND BIOTECHNOLOGY Metabolomic insights of?the?tomato fruits (Solanum lycopersicum L.) cultivated under?different supplemental LED lighting and?mineral nutrient conditions Gil, HJ (Gil, Hye Jeong) [1] ; Kim, YX (Kim, Yangmin X.) [2] ; Sung, J (Sung, Jwakyung) [3] ; Jung, ES (Jung, Eun Sung) [4] ; Singh, D (Singh, Digar) [1] ; Lee, Y (Lee, Yejin) [2] ; Lee, D (Lee, Deogbae) [2] ; Lee, CH (Lee, Choong Hwan) [1] , [4] ; Lee, S (Lee, Seulbi) [2] 2020.04
253 MOLECULAR PLANT PATHOLOGY Genome-scale metabolic reconstruction and in silico analysis of the rice leaf blight pathogen, Xanthomonas oryzae Koduru, L (Koduru, Lokanand) [1] ; Kim, HY (Kim, Hyang Yeon) [2] ; Lakshmanan, M (Lakshmanan, Meiyappan) [1] ; Mohanty, B (Mohanty, Bijayalaxmi) [1] ; Lee, YQ (Lee, Yi Qing) [3] ; Lee, CH (Lee, Choong Hwan) [2] ; Lee, DY (Lee, Dong-Yup) [1] , [3] 2020.04
252 Microorganisms Genome-Scale Metabolic Network Reconstruction and In Silico Analysis of Hexanoic acid Producing Megasphaera elsdenii Na-Rae Lee 1,2, Choong Hwan Lee 1, Dong-Yup Lee 3,* and Jin-Byung Park 2,* 2020.04
251 FOOD SCIENCE & NUTRITION Gochujang prepared using rice and wheat koji partially alleviates high-fat diet-induced obesity in rats Son, HK (Son, Hee-Kyoung) [1] ; Shin, HW (Shin, Hye-Won) [2] ; Jang, ES (Jang, Eun-Seok) [2] ; Moon, BS (Moon, Byoung-Seok) [2] ; Lee, CH (Lee, Choong Hwan) [3] ; Lee, JJ (Lee, Jae-Joon) [1] 2020.03
250 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH Metabolite Profiling Revealed That a Gardening Activity Program Improves Cognitive Ability Correlated with BDNF Levels and Serotonin Metabolism in the Elderly Sin-Ae Park 1,*,y, Su Young Son 2,y, A-Young Lee 1, Hee-Geun Park 3, Wang-Lok Lee 4 and Choong Hwan Lee 2,5,* 2020.01
249 BMC PLANT BIOLOGY Exploring the metabolomic diversity of plant species across spatial (leaf and stem) components and phylogenic groups Sunmin Lee1, Dong-Gu Oh1, Digar Singh1, Jong Seok Lee2, Sarah Lee2* and Choong Hwan Lee1,3* 2020.01
248 Scientific Reports Seven-day Green Tea Supplementation Revamps Gut Microbiome and Caecum/Skin Metabolome in Mice from Stress Eun Sung Jung1, Jong il park2, Hyunjoon park3, Wilhelm Holzapfel3, Jae Sung Hwang2* & choong Hwan Lee1,4,5* 2019.12
247 Food Chemistry Untargeted and targeted metabolomics analyses of blackberries - Understanding postharvest red drupelet disorder Moo Jung Kima,1, Mee Youn Leeb,1, Jong Cheol Shonc,d, Yong Sung Kwonb, Kwang-Hyeon Liuc, Choong Hwan Leeb,*, Kang-Mo Kua,e,* 2019.12
246 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES Integrated Metabolomics and Transcriptomics Unravel the Metabolic Pathway Variations for Different Sized Beech Mushrooms Su Young Son1, Yu Jin Park1, Eun Sung Jung2, Digar Singh1, Young Wook Lee3, Jeong-Gu Kim4,* and Choong Hwan Lee1,2,5,* 2019.11
245 Metabolites Comparative Metabolomics Unravel the Effect of Magnesium Oversupply on Tomato Fruit Quality and Associated Plant Metabolism Min Cheol Kwon1,†, Yangmin X. Kim2,†, Seulbi Lee2, Eun Sung Jung3, Digar Singh1, Jwakyung Sung4,* and Choong Hwan Lee1,3,5,* 2019.10

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