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222 JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY Metabolomics Reveal Optimal Grain Preprocessing (Milling) toward Rice Koji Fermentation Sunmin Lee1, Da Eun Lee, Digar Singh, and Choong Hwan Lee* 2018.03 파일 다운로드
221 JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY Intraspecies Volatile Interactions Affect Growth Rates and Exometabolomes in Aspergillus oryzae KCCM 60345 Digar Singh1 and Choong Hwan Lee* 2018.02 파일 다운로드
220 PHYTOMEDICINE Lespedeza bicolor ameliorates endothelial dysfunction induced by methylglyoxal glucotoxicity Moon Ho Doa, Jae Hyuk Leea, Hussain Mustatab Wahedia, Chaeho Paka, Choong hwan Leeb, Eui-Ju Yeoc, Yunsook Limd, Sang Keun Hae, Inwook Choie, Sun Yeou Kima,f,g,* 2017.12 파일 다운로드
219 Food Research International Spatial (cap & stipe) metabolomic variations affect functional components between brown and white beech mushrooms Yu Jin Park1, Eun Sung Jung, Digar Singh, Da Eun Lee, Seunghwan Kim, Young Wook Lee, Jeong-Gu Kim?, Choong Hwan Lee* 2017.12 파일 다운로드
218 PLoS One The green tea modulates large intestinal microbiome and exo/endogenous metabolome altered through chronic UVB-exposure Eun Sung Jung1, Hye Min Park, Seung Min Hyun, Jong Cheol Shon, Digar Singh, Kwang-Hyeon Liu, Tae Woong Whon, Jin-Woo Bae, Jae Sung Hwang*, Choong Hwan Lee* 2017.11 파일 다운로드
217 FOOD CHEMISTRY Process specific differential metabolomes for industrial gochujang types (pepper paste) manufactured using white rice, brown rice, and wheat Yu Kyung Jang1, Gi Ru Shin1, Eun Sung Jung, Sunmin Lee, Sarah Lee, Digar Singh, Eun Seok Jang, Dong Joo Shin, Hye-jin Kim, Hye Won Shin, Byoung Seok Moon, Choong Hwan Lee* 2017.11 파일 다운로드
216 JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY Unraveling Metabolic Variation for Blueberry and Chokeberry Cultivars Harvested from Different Geo-Climatic Regions in Korea Inseon Sim1, Dong Ho Suh, Digar Singh, Seon-Gil Do, Kwang Hyun Moon, Jeong Ho Lee, Kang-Mo Ku, and Choong Hwan Lee* 2017.10 파일 다운로드
215 FOOD CHEMISTRY Time-resolved comparative metabolomes for Koji fermentation with brown-, white-, and giant embryo-rice Da Eun Lee1, Sunmin Lee, Digar Singh, Eun Seok Jang, Hye Won Shin, Byoung Seok Moon, Choong Hwan Lee* 2017.09 파일 다운로드
214 MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH In vivo metabolomic interpretation of the anti-obesity effects of hyacinth bean (Dolichos lablab L.) administration in high-fat diet mice Dong Ho Suh1, Hye Won Lee1, Eun Sung Jung, Digar Singh, Seung-Hyung Kim, and Choong Hwan Lee* 2017.08 파일 다운로드
213 METABOLOMICS Integrative metabolomic analysis reveals diet supplementation with green tea alleviates UVB-damaged mouse skin correlated with ascorbate metabolism and urea cycle Eun Sung Jung1, Hye Min Park, Seung Min Hyun, Jong Cheol Shon, Meiyappan Lakshmanan, Minsoo Noh, Hock Chuan Yeo, Kwang?Hyeon Liu, Dong?Yup Lee, Jae Sung Hwang*, Choong Hwan Lee* 2017.07 파일 다운로드
212 Journal of Functional Foods Construing temporal metabolomes for acetous fermentative production of Rubus coreanus vinegar and its in vivo nutraceutical effects Mee Youn Lee1, Hyang Yeon Kim, Da Eun Lee, Digar Singh, Soo Hwan Yeo, Seong Yeol Baek, Yoo Kyoung Park, Choong Hwan Lee* 2017.07 파일 다운로드
211 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES Cultivar-Specific Changes in Primary and Secondary Metabolites in Pak Choi (Brassica Rapa, Chinensis Group) by Methyl Jasmonate Moo Jung Kim1, Yu-Chun Chiu, Na Kyung Kim, Hye Min Park, Choong Hwan Lee , John A. Juvik and Kang-Mo Ku* 2017.05 파일 다운로드
210 FOOD CHEMISTRY Comparative evaluation of microbial diversity and metabolite profiles in deonjang, a fermented soybean paste, during the two different industrial manufacturing processes Sunmin Lee1, Sarah Lee, Digar Singh, Ji Young Oh, Eun Jung Jeon, Hyung SeoK Ryu, Dong Wan Lee, Beom Seok Kim, Choong Hwan Lee* 2017.04 파일 다운로드
209 Trends in Food Science & Technology Metabolomics for empirical delineation of the traditional Korean fermented foods and beverages Digar Singh1, Sunmin Lee1, Choong Hwan Lee* 2017.03 파일 다운로드
208 JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL FOOD Neuroprotective Effect of Halophyte Salicornia herbacea L. Is Mediated by Activation of Heme Oxygenase-1 in Mouse Hippocampal HT22 Cells Min Sun Kim1, Ji Yeon Seo1, Jisun Oh, Yu Kyung Jang, Choong Hwan Lee, Jong-Sang Kim* 2017.02 파일 다운로드
207 JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY Dietary Wolfberry Extract Modifies Oxidative Stress by Controlling the Expression of Inflammatory mRNAs in Overweight and Hypercholesterolemic Subjects: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial You Jin Lee1, Youngsook Ahn, Oran Kwon, Mee Youn Lee, Choong Hwan Lee, Sungyoung Lee, Taesung Park, Sung Won Kwon, Ji Yeon Kim* 2017.01 파일 다운로드
206 Nutrients Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolomic and Lipidomic Analyses of the Effects of Dietary Platycodon grandiflorum on Liver and Serum of Obese Mice under a High-Fat Diet Hye Min Park1, Kab-Tae Park1, Edmond Changkyun Park, Seung II Kim, Myung Sook Choi, Kwang-Hyeon Liu*, Choong Hwan Lee* 2017.01 파일 다운로드
205 Frontiers in Microbiology Perplexing Metabolomes in Fungal-Insect Trophic Interactions: A Terra Incognita of Mycobiocontrol Mechanisms Digar Singh1, Su Y. Son, Choong H. Lee* 2016.10 파일 다운로드
204 PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY REPORTS In planta cleavage of carotenoids by Arabidopsis carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase 4 in transgenic rice plants Mi-Hee Song1, Sun-Hyung Lim, Jae Kwang Kim, Eun Sung Jung, K. M. Maria John, Min-Kyoung You, Sang-Nag Ahn, Choong Hwan Lee*, Sun-Hwa Ha* 2016.09 파일 다운로드
203 PLANT CELL REPORTS Metabolite fingerprinting, pathway analyses, and bioactivity correlations for plant species belonging to the Cornaceae, Fabaceae, and Rosaceae families Su Young Son1, Na Kyung Kim, Sunmin Lee, Digar Singh, Ga Ryun Kim, Jong Seok Lee, Hee-sun Yang, Joohong Yeo, Sarah Lee*, Choong Hwan Lee* 2016.09 파일 다운로드

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