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277 PLANTS-BASEL Combined Effects of Nutrients × Water × Light on Metabolite Composition in Tomato Fruits (Solanum Lycopersicum L.) Yangmin X. Kim 1,†, Suyoung Son 2,†, Seulbi Lee 1, Eunsung Jung 3, Yejin Lee 1, Jwakyung Sung 4,* and Choonghwan Lee 2,5,* 2021.08
276 ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY Integrated genomic and transcriptomic analysis reveals unique mechanisms for high osmotolerance and halotolerance in Hyphopichia yeast Dong Wook Lee,1† Chang Pyo Hong,2†Eun Jung Thak,1 Sin-Gi Park,2 Choong Hwan Lee ,3 Jae Yun Lim,4 Jeong-Ah Seo,4* and Hyun Ah Kang 1* 2021.07
275 FOODS Effects of the Addition of Herbs on the Properties of Doenjang Sunmin Lee 1, Yang-Bong Lee 2, Choong-Hwan Lee 1,* and Inmyoung Park 3,* 2021.06
274 FOODS Metabolomic-Based Comparison of Traditional and Industrial Doenjang Samples with Antioxidative Activities Danyi Ma1,5, Dong Ho Suh2,5, Jiaying Zhang1, Yufan Chao1, Alan W. Duttlinger1,3, Jay S. Johnson3, Choong Hwan Lee2,4* & Yuan H. Brad Kim1* 2021.06
273 FOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS Effects of pullulanase debranching and octenylsuccinic anhydride modification on the structural properties of maize starch-green tea extract complexes Chagam Koteswara Reddy a, Su Young Son a, Choong Hwan Lee a,b,* 2021.06
272 Scientific Reports Plasma amino acids and oxylipins as potentioal multi-biomarkers for predicting diabetic macular edema Rhee, SY (Rhee, Sang Youl) [1] ; Jung, ES (Jung, Eun Sung) [2] ; Suh, DH (Suh, Dong Ho) [3] ; Jeong, SJ (Jeong, Su Jin) [4] ; Kim, K (Kim, Kiyoung) [5] ; Chon, S (Chon, Suk) [1] ; Yu, SY (Yu, Seung-Young) [5] ; Woo, JT (Woo, Jeong-Taek) [1] ; Lee, CH (Lee, Choong Hwan 2021.05
271 NATURE COMMUNICATIONS Comparing Metabolites and Functional Properties of Various Tomatoes Using Mass Spectrometry Based Metabolomics Approach Ha In Mun 1, Min Cheol Kwon 1, Na-Rae Lee 1, Su Young Son 1, Da Hye Song 1 and Choong Hwan Lee 1,2* 2021.04
270 FOODS Comprehensive Metabolite Profiling and Microbial Communities of Doenjang (Fermented Soy Paste) and Ganjang(Fermented Soy Sauce) A Comparative Study Da Hye Song 1,†, Byung Hee Chun 2,†, Sunmin Lee 1, Su Young Son 1, Chagam Koteswara Reddy 1 , Ha In Mun 1, Che Ok Jeon 2,* and Choong Hwan Lee 1,3,4,* 2021.03
269 Scientific Reports Elucidating the involvement of apoptosis in postmortem proteolysis in porcine muscles from two production cycles using metabolomics approach Danyi Ma1,5, Dong Ho Suh2,5, Jiaying Zhang1, Yufan Chao1, Alan W. Duttlinger1,3, Jay S. Johnson3, Choong Hwan Lee2,4* & Yuan H. Brad Kim1* 2021.02
268 NATURE COMMUNICATIONS Longitudinal evaluation of fecal microbiota transplantation for ameliorating calf diarrhea and improving growth performance Hyun Sik Kim1,5, Tae Woong Whon1,3,5, Hojun Sung1, Yun-Seok Jeong1, Eun Sung Jung 2, Na-Ri Shin1,4, Dong-Wook Hyun1, Pil Soo Kim1, June-Young Lee1, Choong Hwan Lee2 & Jin-Woo Bae 1? 2021.01
267 Free Radical Biology and Medicine Downregulation of dihydrolipoyl dehydrogenase by UVA suppresses melanoma progression via triggering oxidative stress and altering energy meetabolism Silvia Yumnamca, Min Cheol Kang a, cSeung Hyun Ohda, Hak Cheol Kwone b, Jin Chul Kima,bf,Eun Sung Jung , Choong Hwan Lee , Ai-Young Lee , Jong-Ik Hwang , Sun Yeou Kim * 2021.01
266 EVIDENCE-BASED COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE Pinus thunbergii Parl. Extracts Reduce Acute Inflammation by Targeting Oxidative Stress Chan Jong Yoon,1 Won Seok Choi ,1 Hyun Sik Kang,1 Hong Jo Kim,1 Wang Tae Lee,1 Jong Seok Lee ,2 Sarah Lee ,2 Su Young Son,3 Choong Hwan Lee,3,4 2021.01
265 MOLECULES Evaluation of Metabolite Profiles of Ginseng Berry Pomace Obtained after Different Pressure Treatments and Their Correlation with the Antioxidant Activity Se Rin Choi 1, Mee Youn Lee 1,2, Chagam Koteswara Reddy 1 , Sang Jun Lee 3 and Choong Hwan Lee 1,2,* 2021.01
264 EMBO REPORTS Male castration increases adiposity via small intestinal microbial alterations Tae Woong Whon1,†,‡, Hyun Sik Kim1,†, Na-Ri Shin1,†,§, Eun Sung Jung2, Euon Jung Tak1, Hojun Sung1, Mi-Ja Jung1, Yun-Seok Jeong1, Dong-Wook Hyun1, Pil Soo Kim1, Yu Kyung Jang2, Choong Hwan Lee2 & Jin-Woo Bae1,* 2021.01
263 Scientific Reports Heat-responsive and time-resolved transcriptome and metabolome analyses of Escherichia coli uncover thermo-tolerant mechanisms Sinyeon Kim1, Youngshin Kim1, Dong Ho Suh1, Choong Hwan Lee1, Seung Min Yoo2, Sang Yup Lee3 & Sung Ho Yoon1* 2020.12
262 NUTRIENTS Effects of Phosphoethanolamine Supplementation on Mitochondrial Activity and Lipogenesis in a Caffeine Ingestion Caenorhabditis elegans Model Hyemin Min 1, Esther Youn 1, Jaehoon Kim 1, Su Young Son 1, Choong Hwan Lee 1,2 and Yhong-Hee Shim 1,* 2020.11
261 METABOLITES Profiling of Metabolic Differences between Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Acute/Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Byung Hoo Song 1,y, Su Young Son 2,y, Hyun Kyu Kim 1,y, TaeWon Ha 1, Jeong Suk Im 1, Aeli Ryu 3, Hyeji Jeon 3, Hee Yong Chung 4, Jae Sang Oh 5,* , Choong Hwan Lee 2,6,* and Man Ryul Lee 1,* 2020.11
260 MOLECULES Characterization of Metabolic Changes under Low Mineral Supply (N, K, or Mg) and Supplemental LED Lighting (Red, Blue, or Red-Blue Combination) in Perilla frutescens Using a Metabolomics Approach Dong Ho Suh 1,y, Yangmin X. Kim 2,y, Eun Sung Jung 3, Seulbi Lee 2, Jinyong Park 1, Choong Hwan Lee 1,4,* and Jwakyung Sung 5,* 2020.10
259 Nutrients GC-TOF-MS-Based Metabolomic Analysis and Evaluation of the Effects of HX106 a Nutraceutical on ADHD-Like Symptoms in Prenatal Alcohol Exposed Mice In Gyoung Ju 1,†, Mee Youn Lee 2,†, Seung Ho Jeon 3,†, Eugene Huh 1,4, Jin Hee Kim 1, Jong Kil Lee 3,5,*, Choong Hwan Lee 2,* and Myung Sook Oh 1,6,* 2020.10
258 International Journal of Molecular Science Physiologic and Metabolic Changes in Crepidiastrum denticulatum According to Dierent Energy Levels of UV-B Radiation Song-Yi Park 1,2, Mee-Youn Lee 3, Choong-Hwan Lee 3 and Myung-Min Oh 1,2,* 2020.09

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