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97 Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering Overexpression, Purification, and Functional Characterization of the Group ?? Chaperonin from the Hyperthermophilic Archaeum Pyrococcus horikoshii OT3 Jeong-Hwan Kim1, Eun-Jung Shin1, Sung-Jong Jeon1,2, Yeon-Hee Kim1,2, Pil Kim3,Chung-Hwan Lee4, and Soo-Wan Nam1,2* 2009
96 J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. Red to Red - the Marine Bacterium Hahella chejuensis and its Product Prodigiosin for Mitigation of Harmful Algal Blooms Kim, Dockyu1*, Jihyun F. Kim2,3, Joung Han Yim1, Soon-Kyeong Kwon2,3, Choong Hwan Lee4,and Hong Kum Lee1 2008.10
95 Nat. Chem. Biol Hot springs and cool natural products Ho Jeong Kwon, Choong Hwan Lee, Hiroyuki Osada, Minoru Yoshida & Masaya Imoto 2008.08
94 Drug and Metabol.& Disposition Identification and Characterization of Potent CYP2B6 Inhibitors in Woohwangcheongsimwon Suspension, an Herbal Preparation Used in the Treatment and Prevention of Apoplexyin Korea and China Hyunmi Kim, Kwon-Bok Kim, Hei-Young Ku, Soo-Jin Park, Hoon Choi, Joon-Kwan Moon,Byeoung-Soo Park, Jeong-Han Kim, Sung Su Yea, Choong-Hwan Lee, Hye Suk Lee,Jae-Gook Shin, and Kwang-Hyeon Liu 2008.06
93 J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. Inhibitory Effect of Dalbergioidin Isolated from the Trunk of Lespedeza cyrtobotrya on Melanin Biosynthesis Baek, Seunghwa1, Jinhee Kim1, Donghyun Kim1, Chanyong Lee2, Jiyoung Kim3, Dae Kyun Chung4,5,and Choonghwan Lee3* 2008.05
92 Mol. Cells Improved resistance to oxidative stress by a loss-of-function mutation in the Arabidopsis UGT71C1 gene. Chae Eun Lim,1,2, Jung Nam Choi1, In A Kim1, Shin Ae Lee1, Yong-Sic Hwang1, Choong Hwan Lee1, and Jun Lim1,2,* 2008.05
91 Mol Cells. Accumulation of Flavonols in Response to Ultraviolet-B Irradiation in Soybean Is Related to Induction of Flavanone 3-β-Hydroxylase and Flavonol Synthase Bong Gyu Kim, Jeong Ho Kim, Jiyoung Kim, Choonghwan Lee, and Joong-Hoon Ahn* 2008.04
90 Biochem.Biophys Res Commun Identification and Functional analysis of the fusaricidin biosynthetic gene of Paenibacillus polymyxa E681, Soo-Keun Choi a, Soo-Young Parka, Rumi Kimb,1, Choong-Hwan Leeb,2,Jihyun F. Kima, Seung-Hwan Parka* 2008.01
89 Food Chemistry Free-radical-scavenging and tyrosinase-inhibition activities of Cheonggukjang samples fermented for various times Hyung-Kyoon Choi a*, Yong-Suk Lim a, Young-Suk Kimb, So-Young Parkc,Choong-Hwan Leed, Kwang Woo Hwanga, Dae Young Kwone 2008
88 Food Chemistry Relative antioxidant and cytoprotective activities of common herbs Kyung Mi Yooa,b, Choong Hwan Leeb, Hyungjae Lee a, BoKyung Moonc,Chang Yong Leea,* 2008
87 Proteins The crystal structure of the est A protein, a virulence factor from Streptococcus pneumoniae Myung Hee Kim,1 Beom Sik Kang,2 Sujin Kim,1 Kyung-Jin Kim,3 Choong Hwan Lee,4 Byung-Chul Oh,5 Seung-Chun Park,6 and Tae-Kwang Oh1* 2008
86 FEMS Microbiol Ecol Citrinin, amycotoxin from Penicillium citrinum ,plays a role in inducing motility of Paenibacillus polymyxa Soo-Young Park1,2, Rumi Kim3, Choong-Min Ryu1, Soo-Keun Choi1, Choong-Hwan Lee3, Jong-Guk Kim2 & Seung-Hwan Park1 2008
85 J.Invest Dermatol. Downregulation of Melanin Synthesis by Haginin A and Its Application to In Vivo Lightening Model Jin Hee Kim1, Seung Hwa Baek1, Dong Hyun Kim1, Tae Young Choi2, Tae Jin Yoon3, Jae Sung Hwang4,Mee Ree Kim5, Ho Jeong Kwon6 and Choong Hwan Lee7 2008
84 Korean J. Food Cookery SCI. Preparation of Chocolate Added with Yuza(Citrus junos Seib ex TANAKA) and Its Antioxidant Characteristics Kyung-Mi Yoo, Choong Hwan Lee and In Kyeong Hwang 2008
83 Journal of Life Science Screening of Chemosensitizer Candidates Using Natural Extraxts Hee-Jeong Ahn, Ji Young Kim, Choong-Hwan Lee, Im Sook Song and Kwang-Hyeon Liu 2008
82 J. Microbiol. Biotechnol Metagenomic Analysis of BTEX-Contaminated Forest Soil Microcosm JI, SANG CHUN1,2, DOCKYU KIM3, JUNG HOON YOON1, AND CHOONG HWAN LEE1,4* 2007
81 FEMS Microbiol Lett Functional identification of p -cumate operons in the terpene-degrading Rhodococcus sp. strain T104 Hyun Won Bae1, Dockyu Kim2, Ki Young Choi1, Na Ra Kwon1, Jong Chan Chae3, Gerben J. Zylstra3,Sung-Cheol Koh4, Choong-Hwan Lee2,5 & Eungbin Kim1 2007
80 J.Appl.Microbiol Biosynthesis of antibiotic prodiginines in the marine bacterium Hahella chejuensis KCTC 2396 D. Kim1,2, J.S. Lee1,3, Y.K. Park1, J.F. Kim1, H. Jeong1, T.-K. Oh1, B.S. Kim4 and C.H. Lee1,5 2007
79 J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. Biosynthesis of Bile Acids in a Variety of Marine Bacterial Taxa KIM, DOCKYU1,2, JONG SUK LEE1,3, JIYOUNG KIM1,4, SO-JUNG KANG1, JUNG-HOON YOON1WON GON KIM1, AND CHOONG HWAN LEE1,4* 2007
78 Arch Pharm Res Enzyme kinetic study of a new cardioprotective agent, KR-32570 using human liver microsomes and recombinant CYP isoforms Hyojin Kim, Kyung-Ah Seo, Hyunmi Kim, Hye Suk Lee 1, Choong-Hwan Lee 2, Jae-Gook Shin, and Kwang-Hyeon Liu 3 2007

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