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번호 학술지명 논문명 저자 게재년월 파일
190 FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL Metabolomics of Lonicera caerulea fruit during ripening and its relationship with color and antioxidant activity Heon Joong Lee1, DongHo Suh, Eun Sung Jung, HyeMin Park, Ga-Young Jung, Seon-Gil Do, Choong Hwan Lee? 2015.12 파일 다운로드
189 JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY Metabolomic Characterization of Hot Pepper (Capsicum annuum "CM334") during Fruit Development Yu Kyung Jang1, Eun Sung Jung, Hyun-Ah Lee, Doil Choi and Choong Hwan Lee* 2015.11 파일 다운로드
188 MOLECULES Chemotaxonomic Metabolite Profiling of 62 Indigenous Plant Species and Its Correlation with Bioactivities Sarah Lee1, Dong-Gu Oh1, Sunmin Lee, Ga Ryun Kim, Jong Seok Lee, Youn Kyoung Son, Chang-Hwan Bae, Joohong Yeo and Choong Hwan Lee* 2015.11 파일 다운로드
187 METABOLOMICS Topical application of baby- and adult-aloe on ultraviolet B irradiated mouse skin with metabolite profiling Hye Min Park1, Eunjung Moon, Sarah Lee, Sun Yeou Kim, Seon-Gil Do, Jinwan Kim, Kwang-Hyeon Liu & Choong Hwan Lee* 2015.10 파일 다운로드
186 JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY Seasonal Variations of Metabolome and Tyrosinase Inhibitory Activity of Lespedeza maximowiczii during Growth Periods Na kyung Kim1, Hye Min Park, Joongku Lee, Kang-Mo Ku, and Choong Hwan Lee* 2015.09 파일 다운로드
185 MOLECULES MS-Based Metabolite Profiling of Aboveground and Root Components of Zingiber mioga and Officinale Ji Soo Han1, Sunmin Lee, Hyang Yeon Kim and Choong Hwan Lee * 2015.09 파일 다운로드
184 JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY Metabolomics-Based Chemotaxonomic Classification of Streptomyces spp. and Its Correlation with Antibacterial Activity Mee Youn Lee1, Hyang Yeon Kim, Sarah Lee, Jeong-Gu Kim, Joo-Won Suh, and Choong Hwan Lee* 2015.08 파일 다운로드
183 INDUSTRIAL CROPS AND PRODUCTS Maturity stage-specific metabolite profiling of Cudrania tricuspidata and its correlation with antioxidant activity Gi Ru Shin1, Sunmin Lee, Sarah Lee, Seon-Gil Do, Eunju Shin, Choong Hwan Lee? 2015.08 파일 다운로드
182 Metabolomics A metabolomics approach shows that catechin-enriched green tea attenuates ultraviolet B-induced skin metabolite alterations in mice Eun Sung Jung1, Hye Min Park, Kyung-Eun Lee, Jung-Hoon Shin, Sukyeong Mun, Jeong Kee Kim, Sang Jun Lee, Kwang-Hyeon Liu, Jae-Kwan Hwang*, Choong Hwan Lee* 2015.08 파일 다운로드
181 FEMS MICROBIOLOGY LETTERS Genomic and phenotypic analyses of Carnobacterium jeotgali strain MS3(T), a lactate-producing candidate biopreservative bacterium isolated from salt-fermented shrimp Tae Woong Whon1, Dong-Wook Hyun1, Young-Do Nam1, Min-Soo Kim, Eun-Ji Song, Yu Kyung Jang, Eun Sung Jung, Na-Ri Shin, Sei Joon Oh, Pil Soo Kim, Hyun Sik Kim, Choong Hwan Lee and Jin-Woo Bae? 2015.05 파일 다운로드
180 MATURITAS Herbal medicine (Danggui Shaoyao San) for treating primary dysmenorrhea: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials Hye Won Lee1, Ji Hee Jun, Ki-Jung Kil, Byong-Seob Ko, Choong Hwan Lee, Myeong Soo Lee? 2015.03 파일 다운로드
179 JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY Comparison of Traditional and Commercial Vinegars Based on Metabolite Profiling and Antioxidant Activity Yu Kyung Jang1, Mee Youn Lee, Hyang Yeon Kim, Sarah Lee, Soo Hwan Yeo, Seong Yeol Baek, and Choong Hwan Lee* 2015.02 파일 다운로드
178 Molecules Urine and Serum Metabolite Profiling of Rats Fed a High-Fat Diet and the Anti-Obesity Effects of Caffeine Consumption Hyang Yeon Kim1, Mee Youn Lee, Hye Min Park, Yoo Kyoung Park, Jong Cheol Shon, Kwang-Hyeon Liu and Choong Hwan Lee* 2015.02 파일 다운로드
177 JOURNAL OF PROTEOMICS Dihydrolipoyl dehydrogenase as a potential UVB target in skin epidermis; using an integrated approach of label-free quantitative proteomics and targeted metabolite analysis Eunjung Moon1, Hye Min Park, Choong Hwan Lee, Seon-Gil Do, Jong-Moon Park, Na-Young Han, Moon Ho Do, Jong Ha Lee, Hookeun Lee?, Sun Yeou Kim?? 2015.01 파일 다운로드
176 Nutrition Lysophospholipid profile in serum and liver by high-fat diet and tumor induction in obesity-resistant BALB/c mice Hyang Yeon Kim M.S.1, Minhee Kim M.S., Hye Min Park Ph.D., Jiyoung Kim Ph.D., Eun Ji Kim Ph.D., Choong Hwan Lee Ph.D. *,Jung Han Yoon Park Ph.D. ** 2014.11-12 파일 다운로드
175 PLANT CELL REPORTS RNA-seq analysis of Rubus idaeus cv. Nova: transcriptome sequencing and de novo assembly for subsequent functional genomics approaches Tae Kyung Hyun1, Sarah Lee1, Dhinesh Kumar, Yeonggil Rim, Ritesh Kumar, Sang Yeol Lee, Choong Hwan Lee* and Jae-Yean Kim* 2014.10 파일 다운로드
174 Molecules Combined Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolite Profiling of Different Pigmented Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Seeds and Correlation with Antioxidant Activities Ga Ryun Kim1, Eun Sung Jung, Sarah Lee, Sun-Hyung Lim, Sun-Hwa Ha, and Choong Hwan Lee* 2014.10 파일 다운로드
173 PLOS one Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolite Profiling in the Mouse Liver following Exposure to Ultraviolet B Radiation Hye Min Park1, Jong Cheol Shon, Mee Youn Lee, Kwang-Hyeon Liu, Jeong Kee Kim, Sang Jun Lee, Choong Hwan Lee* 2014.10 파일 다운로드
172 JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY Metabolite Profiling of Red and White Pitayas (Hylocereus polyrhizus and Hylocereus undatus) for Comparing Betalain Biosynthesis and Antioxidant Activity Dong Ho Suh1, Sunmin Lee, Do Yeon Heo, Young-Suk Kim, Somi Kim Cho, Sarah Lee*, and Choong Hwan Lee* 2014.08 파일 다운로드
171 Metabolomics MS-based metabolite profiling reveals time-dependent skin biomarkers in UVB-irradiated mice Hye Min Park1, Jung-Hoon Shin, Jeong Kee Kim, Sang Jun Lee, Geum-Sook Hwang, Kwang-Hyeon Liu , Choong Hwan Lee* 2014.08 파일 다운로드

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