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164 PLOS one De-novo RNA Sequencing and Metabolite Profiling to Identify Genes Involved in Anthocyanin Biosynthesis in Korean Black Raspberry (Rubus coreanus Miquel) Tae Kyung Hyun1,Sarah Lee2,Yeonggil Rim1,Ritesh Kumar1,Xiao Han1,Sang Yeol Lee1,Choong Hwan Lee2*,Jae Yean Kim1* 2014.02
163 BMB Reports Over-expression of BvMTSH, a fusion gene for maltooligosyltrehalose synthase and maltooligosyltrehalose trehalohydrolase, enhances drought tolerance in transgenic rice Joungsu Joo1,Hae Jong Choi1,Youn Hab Lee1,Sarah Lee2,Choong Hwan Lee2,Chung Ho Kim3,Jong Joo Cheong4,Yang Do Choi5,Sang Ik Song 1,* 2014.02
162 Molecular Plant Pathology Both extracellular chitinase and a new cyclic lipopeptide, chromobactomycin, contribute to the biocontrol activity of Chromobacterium sp. C61 Hyun Jung Kim1†,Ho Seong Choi1†,Si Young Yang1†,In Seon Kim1,Tokutaro yamaguchi2,Jae Kyung Sohng2,Seuk kee Park3,Jin Cheol Kim4,Choong Hwan Lee5,Brian Mcspadden Gardener1,6,Young Cheol Kim1* 2014.01
161 Food Research International Primary and secondary metabolites variation of soybean contaminated with Aspergillus sojae K.M. Maria Johna,Eun Sung Junga,Sarah Lee a, Jong-Sang Kimb, Choong Hwan Lee a* 2013.11
160 Mol. Nutr. Food Res. Effect of fermented soybean product (Cheonggukjang) intake on metabolic parameters in mice fed a high-fat diet Jiyoung Kim1,Jung Nam Choi1,Joo Hee Choi2, Youn Soo Cha2, Maria John Muthaiya1 and Choong Hwan Lee1 2013.10
159 Food Research International Changes in secondary metabolites of green tea during fermentation by Aspergillus oryzae and its effect on antioxidant potential Min Ju Kim, K.M. Maria John, Jung Nam Choi, Sarah Lee, Ah Jin Kim, Young Mi Kim, Choong Hwan Lee* 2013.10
158 Plant Science Metabolite profiling of the short-term responses of rice leaves (Oryza sativa cv. Ilmi) cultivated under different LED lights and its correlations with antioxidant activities Eun Sung Junga, Sarah Leea, Sun-Hyung Limb,Sun-Hwa Hac,Kwang-Hyeon Liud, Choong Hwan Leea* 2013.07
157 J.Microbiol.Biotechnol Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry-Based Chemotaxonomic Classification of Aspergillus spp. and Evaluation of the Biological Activity of Its Unique Metabolite, Neosartorin Mee youn Lee,Hyemin Park,Gun Hee Son, and Choong Hwang Lee* 2013.07
156 The Journal of Antibiotics Identification of a new phomoxanthone antibiotic from Phomopsis longicolla and its antimicrobial correlation with other metabolites during fermentation Jung Nam Choi1, Jiyoung Kim1, Kannan Ponnusamy1, Chaesung Lim1, Jeong Gu Kim2, Maria John Muthaiya1 and Choong Hwan Lee1 2013.04
155 Biosci.Biotechnol.Biochem. Time-Dependant correlation of the Microbial Community and the metabolomics of Traditional Barley Nuruk Starter Fermentation Kannan Ponnusamy, Sarah Lee, and Choong Hwan Lee,† 2013.04
154 J. Agric. Food Chem. Synergistic Activation of the Nrf2-Signaling Pathway by Glyceollins under Oxidative Stress Induced by Glutathione Depletion Chae Lim Jung,†,∥ Hyo Jung Kim,‡,∥ Jung Han Yoon Park#, Ah-Ng Tony Kong,§ Choong Hwan Lee,⊥ and Jong-Sang Kim*,† 2013.04
153 Phytotherary Research A Comparative Study of Baby Immature and Adult Shoots of Aloe Vera on UVB-Induced Skin Photoaging in vitro Eunson Hwang1, Hyeon Kim2, Sarah Lee3, Choong Hwan Lee3, Choong Hwan Lee3,Seon-Gil Do4,Jinwan Kim4,and Sun yeou Kim5* 2013.03
152 Fungal biology Culture condition-dependent metabolite profiling of Aspergillus fumigatus with antifungal activity Daejung KANGa, Gun Hee SONa,Hye Min PARKa,Jiyoung KIMa,Jung Nam CHOIa,Hyang Yeon KIMa, Sarah LEEa, Seung-Beom HONGb, Choong Hwan LEEa,* 2013.03
151 Biochem. J Polyphenols differentially inhibit degranulation of distinct subsets of vesicles in mast cells by specific interaction with granule-type-dependent SNARE complexes Yoosoo YANG*1, Jung-Mi OH*1, Paul HEO*1, Jae Yoon SHIN*, Byoungjae KONG*, Jonghyeok SHIN*,Ji-Chun LEE*,Jeong Su OH*,Kye Won PARK‡, Choong Hwan Lee,§ Yeon-Kyun SHIN†ll2, Dae-hyuk KWEON*2 2013.02
150 J. Microbiol. Biotechnol Metabolic Changes of Phomopsis longicolla Fermentation and Its Effect on Antimicrobial Activity Against Xanthomonas oryzae Choi, Jung Nam1, Jiyoung Kim1, Kannan Ponnusamy1, Chaesung Lim,1, Jeong Gu/ Kim2, Maria John Muthaiya1,and Choong Hwan Lee1* 2013.02
149 Korean J Gastroenterol 지방변의 대사체 진단에 있어서의 대사체학 이충환,김지영,안수영1,이선영1 2013.01
148 J. Agric. Food Chem Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolite Profiling and Antioxidant Activity of Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller) in Different Growth Stages Sarah Lee,† Seon-Gil Do,§ Sun Yeou Kim,Jinwan Kim,§ Yoojeong Jin,§ and Choong Hwan Lee*,† 2012.11
147 J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolite Profiling and Bacterial Diversity Characterization of Korean Traditional Meju During Fermentation Lee, Su Yun1, Hyang Yeon Kim1, Sarah Lee1, Jung Min Lee2, Maria John Muthaiya1, Beom Seok Kim2,Ji Young Oh3, Chi Kwang Song3, Eun Jung Jeon3, Hyung Seok Ryu3, and Choong Hwan Lee1* 2012.11
146 Plant Cell LC MS-based chemotaxonomic classification of wild-type Lespedeza sp. and its correlation with genotype Young Mi Kim , Joongku Lee ,Sang-Hong Park,Changyoung Lee,Jae Won Lee ,DongHyuk Lee,Nahyun Kim , Dongho Lee ,Hyang Yeon Kim , Choong Hwan Lee* 2012.11
145 J. Microbiological Methods Mass spectrometry based chemotaxonomic classification of Penicillium species (P. echinulatum, P. expansum, P. solitum, and P. oxalicum) and its correlation with antioxidant activity Hyang Yeon Kim, Hye Min Park, Choong Hwan Lee * 2012.09

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